Walmart fire

Firefighting crews are seen inside the Geneva Walmart during a fire at the store on Routes 5&20 early Wednesday afternoon. On Saturday, the pharmacy reopened.

GENEVA — The Geneva Walmart remains closed following a Wednesday fire that caused significant damage to the store on Routes 5&20.

However, the pharmacy reopened at 9 a.m. Saturday morning.

The company announced the news on its Facebook page Friday evening.

“Although the store remains closed, we have great news! The pharmacy will be open Saturday, Jan. 25 at 9 a.m. The pharmacy will maintain regular business hours. To get your prescriptions, please enter the grocery side entrance and you will be escorted to the pharmacy. Thank you.”

A portion of the store suffered significant damage in the early Wednesday afternoon fire.

Firefighters from the White Springs Fire Department arrived to find thick smoke in parts of the store. Four additional fire departments were called to assist them.

The store’s sprinkler system helped contain the blaze, said Fire Chief Tim Higgins. Employees reported flames reaching the ceiling in a merchandise area on the store’s west side.

Higgins said there was heavy smoke and water damage to a portion of the building, which he estimated as one-tenth of the store. There was ceiling damage in the general area of the fire, while shelves and merchandise were damaged in several aisles.

“They will be closed for some time. It depends on code enforcement and the Department of Health,” Higgins said Wednesday.

Walmart said customers can monitor the Geneva Walmart’s Facebook page for further updates on the store’s status.

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