Question: We know that Sage Gerling (acting Geneva city manager), City Clerk Doris Myers and Comptroller Adam Blowers have been filling in for former City Manager Matt Horn since he left the job in early January, but what is the status of the search for his replacement?

Myers said the deadline to receive final applications was Friday and that “the City Manager Search Committee will meet and take their first look at applications mid-April.”

As for who is serving on the committee, the city did not provide that as of Monday afternoon.

Additionally, the City Council agenda for Wednesday night lists an executive session item to include going over the candidate list.

The job description calls for candidates to have five years’ minimum — seven to 10 years preferred — of senior-level management experience in a city of similar size.

The job description also notes “near-term objectives (that) include shepherding over $30 million in planned capital investment across the public and private sectors in downtown Geneva; fostering inclusive hiring strategies to diversify the city’s workforce; development of an economic opportunity blueprint; and supporting programs and projects to protect and enhance Seneca Lake and our expansive set of environmental assets.”

Gerling, Meyers and Blowers are receiving $350 weekly stipends for the additional duties they have taken on. That arrangement will stay in effect until the city names a new, permanent manager.

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