Ontario County Landfill

The high winds that belted the area in late February felled many of the poles securing the netting used to capture loose trash at the Ontario County Landfill.

SENECA — While acknowledging the latest violation of its permit to operate the Ontario County Landfill, the facility’s general manager said Casella Waste Systems “is trying to do the right thing.”

“We work hard to build a good landfill that fits into the community,” said Mark Clinker, the landfill’s GM. “It’s a tough job, and we try to do the right thing to be a safe, environmentally sound facility.”

‘’We have work to do,” he added.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation’s Region 8 office in Avon served Casella and the county with a notice of violation Feb. 12. It alleged:

• The landfill had not achieved the number of methane-collecting wells that it was committed to installing at specified elevations.

• The landfill accepted 130,295 tons of wastewater treatment sludge in 2018, a 93 percent increase over the average sludge accepted annually from 2012-17.

State officials said both items contributed to an increase in odor complaints at the landfill since last fall.

The DEC required Casella to submit a plan to correct the violations by today. The organization wants an evaluation of the gas-collection infrastructure, including “as-built” engineering drawings that depict all active vertical and horizontal collection wells, transmission lines, leachate knockouts, and flares. The report must indicate how these systems are performing and it must be prepared, stamped and signed by a licensed professional engineer.

The DEC also wants the landfill to start monitoring all gas-collection systems a minimum of once every two weeks immediately, rather than the once a month currently required.

In addition, the landfill must provide information on the amount of biosolids and odorous loads accepted by the landfill in all future monthly reports.

Casella Waste Systems has operated and managed the 389-acre landfill on Routes 5&20 since 2003.

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