WATERLOO — The Seneca County Deputy Sheriff’s Police Benevolent Association made two stops in the Waterloo Central School District Dec. 7 as part of its new-look “Shop with a Sheriff” program.

The first was at Waterloo High School to deliver clothing, non-perishable food items, toiletries and custom-made Waterloo Wednesday T-shirts for Bailey’s Boutique.

The second stop was at LaFayette Intermediate School to drop off bins of classroom supplies for teachers.

“Shop with a Sheriff” used to consist of members of the PBA taking families shopping for the holiday. The group decided to change things up this year and purchase items for organizations and reach more people.

“We wanted to think outside of the box,” PBA member and Seneca County Sheriff’s Inv. Melinda Marquart said. “A lot of our members are school resource officers or DARE officers, so these causes have special meaning for us.”

Bailey’s Boutique opened at Waterloo High School in the spring at the suggestion of students Abigail and Amelia Burm. The idea was generated as part of Rachel’s Challenge, created in memory of Columbine High School shooting victim Rachel Scott. The thrift store provides clothing, food and other items free of charge to any Waterloo High School student who wants them.

“Everybody is welcome at Bailey’s Boutique,” said Kim Lucas, an English teacher who helps oversee Bailey’s Boutique. “We just wanted it to be inclusive and we think that it is.”

A group of about 30 students help manage Bailey’s Boutique. The shop is named after co-adviser Kris McGuane’s service dog, Bailey. The name was chosen through a vote by the Waterloo High School student body.

All associated with Bailey’s Boutique were grateful and humbled by the donations. Members of the PBA took a few minutes to tour the shop and were impressed with what they saw.

“We are so thankful for these donations,” Abigail Burm said. “To see the community and the Seneca County Sheriff’s PBA reach out and contribute to our cause is very nice and appreciated.”

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