LYONS — Two Wayne County political committees are backing a sheriff’s office lieutenant in his bid to be the county’s next sheriff.

The county Republican and Conservative committees met Saturday at separate locations to designate candidates for sheriff, county clerk, and district attorney.

Clerk Mike Jankowski and District Attorney Mike Calarco were backed for reelection. Party members voted in a three-way contest for sheriff, designating Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Rob Milby to succeed retiring Sheriff Barry Virts. Milby received 74% of the Republican vote and 85% of the Conservative ballots.

Two other candidates for sheriff — Macedon Police Department Sgt. Steve MacNeal and Rich Martin — have set up campaign websites. Martin, a criminal justice professor at Keuka College, is a former Newark and Rochester police officer.

In a press release, Milby said he appreciated the designation and will work hard for the people of Wayne County if elected. He could not be reached by the Times for a comment on the endorsements.

At the Republican meeting, Chair MaryAnne Nicosia-McCarthy recognized Virts and retired sheriffs James Hurley and Dick Pisciotti.

“To have almost 60 years of dedicated sheriff experience in the room where a future sheriff is being designated is something to be proud of,” she said. “It’s also something to be grateful for, as our past three sheriffs are remarkable men.”

Conservative Chairman Mike Garlock described Calarco, Jankowski and Milby as good candidates with proven track records.

“Maybe New York state and Washington (D.C.) have troubling political climates, but here in Wayne County our Board of Elections also has a proven track record that the citizens can count on to always do the right thing honestly,” Garlock said. “We are looking forward to working with all Republicans and Conservatives seeking office this year throughout all the towns and villages of Wayne County.”

In an email to the Times, Martin said he is assessing the appetite of county residents to have a more advanced and progressive leader for the sheriff’s office.

“I have great desire to advance the sheriff’s office and to serve,” he said. “So, I will be determining if there is a path forward in the next couple of weeks.”

MacNeal could not be reached for comment.

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