CANANDAIGUA — There will be no local law capping third-party food delivery rates in Ontario County.

The county Board of Supervisors rejected a proposed local law, by a weighted vote of 2,649 to 1,549, at its meeting Thursday.

Last month, the board narrowly approved Chairman Jack Marren signing an executive order prohibiting third-party companies from charging a delivery fee of more than 15% of the purchase price of a food order. The vote allowed Marren to extend the order every five days until supervisors could consider a local law, and Marren had been doing that.

Marren said since he first signed the order, Gov. Andrew Cuomo increased the customer capacity for restaurants.

“Many supervisors felt the impact on this industry was not as severe as originally thought,” Marren said. “In addition, the restaurants listed other areas they would prefer the county to assist them with.”

Marren said the Finger Lakes Visitors Connection is working with restaurants and county officials on those concerns.

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