CANANDAIGUA — The Ontario County Landfill may produce more odor in the short run before it gets better in the long run.

That’s the message from Carla Jordan, the county’s Director of Sustainability and Solid Waste Management.

Jordan said people may have noticed an increase in bad odors when passing the landfill in recent months. Using drones, officials from Casella Waste Systems, operator of the landfill, were able to identify areas in the current gas collection system where unwanted venting is occurring.

“Over the next few weeks, a construction project will be underway with a goal of rectifying the fugitive gas escapes and reduce the associated odors,” Jordan said.

The recent cold temperatures have allowed the slopes of the landfill to harden to the point where construction equipment can operate to install a new horizontal methane-collection system that will prevent unwanted gas from venting into the air.

Jordan said the new system will be installed in segments to minimize odor release, but the excavation and removal of the current vertical system may lead to a short period of increased odor.

‘”The project is expected to take 3-4 weeks to complete. However, inclement and unpredictable weather could impact the schedule,” Jordan said. “While residents that live or travel near the landfill may experience some short-term increases in odor, the long-term effects should improve gas collection efficiency and reduce odors at the site.”

For more information about the installation or to voice odor concerns, people can call the landfill hotline number at (888) 230-2004. Complaints also can be logged electronically at

The 389-acre landfill on Routes 5&20 in the town of Seneca is undergoing a 43.5-acre onsite expansion that will extend the life of the facility, based on current disposal rates, to 2028.

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