PENN YAN — The Penn Yan Fire Department plans to replace some outdated air packs thanks to a large federal grant.

The $210,285 grant was announced Monday in a press release from the office of Congressman Tom Reed.

“We are extremely happy to get this grant. Our old packs are very old — some even from 1997, and we had about five different kinds,” Penn Yan Fire Chief Frank Ellis said. “We put in for 32 air packs and now they will all be the same. This grant will help our department and it helps the taxpayers.”

The money comes from the Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is meant to bolster and support the nation’s preparedness and response to fire and other hazards.

The program has provided $7.1 billion to U.S. fire departments since 2001.

“We care about ensuring the safety of our firefighters and want to make sure they can do their jobs safely,” Reed said in the release. “This grant provides funding to help keep these first responders safe and allow them to operate efficiently. We will continue to support our first responders in any way we can.”

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