CANANDAIGUA — Two years ago, Jeff Salone Jr. was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing a suspected burglar during a 2017 incident in Geneva.

He will be spending less than a quarter of that time behind bars.

Last month, shortly before a retrial was set to begin, Salone pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter in the death of Jawaun Brumfield, agreeing to a sentence of 3-6 years as a second felony offender, with credit for time served.

Ontario County First Assistant District Attorney Jason MacBride, who prosecuted the case, said Salone will surrender Friday and resume his prison sentence. The retrial had been scheduled to start Monday.

Salone likely will spend about two more years in prison, MacBride said Monday.

“The family (of Jawaun Brumfield) was consulted with the plea,” he said. “The parents were agreeable but obviously disappointed with the result.”

The case dates to September 2017. MacBride and Geneva police believe Brumfield, after climbing a ladder, was pulled into Salone’s Hallenbeck Avenue apartment through a window while trying to commit a burglary.

During Salone’s original trial in 2019, MacBride argued Salone and some friends were waiting for Brumfield — he reportedly had burglarized the apartment before — and beat him for about 20 minutes, leaving him unconscious by the time police arrived.

Brumfield, 23, died the next day at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester.

No one else was arrested.

Salone was convicted of first-degree manslaughter but acquitted of murder. He was sentenced by Ontario County Judge Brian Dennis to the maximum 25 years in prison, but an appeals court overturned the conviction about a year and a half later.

The court ruled Dennis should not have allowed some trial testimony from Geneva police Det. Steve Vine, who said he was skeptical of Salone’s claim he was alone and acted in self-defense. Vine believed Brumfield was the victim of a homicide. The court also ruled Dennis should not have allowed Brumfield’s mother to testify about her son’s personal background.

Salone did not testify in the trial, but in a statement to police he said he was sleeping when he was awakened by a loud noise. He said he saw a Black male come through a kitchen window carrying a Taser and reaching for a knife, leading to a fight. Salone said he flipped the intruder, and the intruder’s head hit a coffee table. He said he hit the intruder when he tried to get up and then said the intruder was unconscious and “breathing funny.”

Salone, 32, was represented by attorney Christopher Rodeman in the first trial. He is now represented by attorney James Nobles, who did not return an email seeking comment on the plea deal.

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