HOPEWELL — The Ontario County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of two scams that have begun to circulate in the county.

Sheriff Phil Povero said people have been receiving emails purporting to be from the “local Department of Motor Vehicles.” Recipients are told they have been cited for a traffic violation, and the email will list a vague offense committed at a specific location.

The email goes on to state the recipient has a very short window of time to pay a fine, and it provides a link to send money. Povero said the Department of Motor Vehicles does not issue citations, and police agencies in the county only issue traffic citations in person.

“Persons receiving this email are advised to delete it without accessing any links attached to the email,” Povero said in a press release.

The sheriff also warns residents that fraudulent telemarketers are calling county residents, seeking relief aid for Hurricane Matthew victims.

“Unfortunately, criminals historically utilize natural disasters to illicit money from well-intentioned persons believing they are assisting victims of these tragedies,” Povero said.

The sheriff urges people not to send funds to people calling and requesting donations to help hurricane victims. People wishing to assist those victims should contact their local Red Cross chapter.

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