WATERLOO — The Seneca County Board of Supervisors’ Environmental Affairs Committee will continue to study a proposed odor control ordinance.

The proposed “Local Law To Control Offensive or Noxious Odors” was presented to the committee, which met Tuesday, in December.

Section 4 of the proposed legislation prohibits:

• Any person from creating, causing or allowing any offensive or noxious odor to escape or be discharged onto another person’s property, onto any public property or across any town or village boundary line.

• The manager of a facility or operation that generates an offensive or noxious odor shall be personally responsible for odor from the facility or operation and shall be deemed to have created, caused or allowed to escape or for discharge of that odor.

• Farm operations shall be exempted from the prohibitions set forth in this section.

The local law calls for the county to establish an odor registry. Upon receipt of at least 10 odor complaints from 10 different people within a 24-hour period, the Code Enforcement Department will investigate. The officer will prepare a summary report and give it to the county manager and county attorney.

If the code officer determines that an offensive or noxious odor exists, he or she shall notify the person responsible of the violation. The officer may enter into an agreement with the responsible party to abate the offensive odor under a reasonable timetable, but not precluding enforcement action.

Violations can result in a fine of up to $1,000 or 15 days in jail, or both. Those penalties increase if there are more violations within five years.

The county can bring a civil action in state Supreme Court to obtain compliance with the law, possibly resulting in the closure of part or all of the facility generating the offensive odor.

In other committee action Tuesday (motions approved at the committee level can go before the full board Feb. 14 for a final vote):

PUBLIC WORKS — Discussed cost estimates for upgrades to Seneca County Sewer District No. 1. ... Agreed to send a letter in support of Ithaca-based architect John Snyder for his work on the county courthouse renovation project for submission to a Preservation League of New York State competition. ... Approved the purchase of a new excavator for the highway department.

GOVERNMENT OPERATIONS — Approved a resolution that supports an extension of state legislation to permit the use of rifles for hunting big game in the county. ... Agreed to continue reviewing a proposal to amend the board’s rules of order, including a reduction in the number of committees. ... Discussed the idea of sharing excess county sales tax with the towns and villages, agreeing to see how much revenue is received in 2017 before deciding if it wants to share and, if so, how to distribute the money.

PLANNING — Recommended the appointment of Supervisors Bob Hayssen, Cindy Lorenzetti, Gary Westfall and Greg Lazzaro, County Treasurer Nick Sciotti, Grant Management Specialist Jill Henry and Larry Ledgerwood to the Finger Lakes Regional Land Bank board of directors.

PUBLIC HEALTH — Approved new fees for public water supply plan reviews.Ŵ

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