ROCHESTER — Less than a week after he admitted killing his former girlfriend and her 14-month-old son on a Sodus farm, a Mexican has pleaded guilty to federal immigration charges.

Alberto Reyes, also known as Everardo Donoteo-Reyes and Alberto Ebarado Gutierre-Reyes, pleaded guilty Monday in federal court to possession of a counterfeit social security card and alien registration card, and illegal re-entry after deportation. The charges carry a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

The guilty plea was announced by James Kennedy Jr., U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyle Rossi, who is handling the case, said Reyes was arrested by immigration officers in Louisiana in September 2016. He was deported to Mexico and told he couldn’t re-enter the U.S. without permission from federal officials. Reyes was arrested the following March in Texas, pleaded guilty to entering the U.S. unlawfully and sentenced to 15 days confinement. He was deported to Mexico again and told he couldn’t re-enter the U.S. without permission.

Reyes was arrested last year by the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office for the deaths of 18-year-old Selena Hidalgo-Calderon and her 14-month-old son, Owen Hidalgo-Caldero. Their bodies were found on a farm on Joy Road in Sodus.

The sheriff’s office sent Reyes’ fingerprints to U.S. immigration officials, who said Reyes had no valid immigration status and was in the country illegally again. Wayne County police also found fraudulent documents belonging Reyes, including a counterfeit alien registration card bearing his photograph, as well as a fraudulent social security card.

Reyes pleaded guilty last week to two counts of first-degree manslaughter. He is expected to be sentenced to 20 years in state prison in November.

“Although a violent crime, such as that to which this defendant pled guilty in New York State Court, may not be more egregious simply because it was committed by an illegal alien as opposed to a United States citizen or anyone else, what is particularly frustrating is that the defendant should never have had the opportunity to commit such a heinous crime in the first place,” Kennedy said in a press release. “Simply put, the defendant should not have been in the United States, and the public needs to recognize that our immigration laws exist not only to punish those, like this defendant, who violate them but to protect those, like his girlfriend and her son, who do not. This office will work tirelessly to continue to protect our community by faithfully discharging our duty to uphold all of the laws of our great nation.”

Reyes is scheduled to be sentenced on the federal charges Dec. 16.

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