WATERLOO — Three at-large county supervisor candidates in Waterloo will have to wait until Nov. 18 to find out if they’ve won or lost.

So will district attorney candidates Mark Sinkiewicz and John Nabinger.

On election night, voting for two county supervisor seats from Waterloo showed Democrat James Cleere with 737 votes, Republican Michael Enslow with 730 and incumbent Republican Bob Shipley with 723.

The fourth candidate, Democrat Jamie King, finished with 656 votes.

There were 422 absentee ballots picked up or mailed out countywide. As of Thursday, 311 have been returned. In the town of Waterloo, 90 absentees were issued and 62 have come back. The 62 that have been returned are from 28 enrolled Republicans, 22 enrolled Democrats and 12 from other parties or unaffiliated voters.

In the district attorney race, Democrat Sinkiewicz has 3,136 votes and Republican Nabinger has 3,045, a 91-vote margin.

In the past, the counting of absentee ballots took place a week after the general election. That gave ballots postmarked by Nov. 4 time to arrive at the Board of Elections office.

However, a host of state election reforms enacted this year will push the absentee ballot count later to give elections officials time to do a computer check to be sure a new voter in the county did not vote in any other county or jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, a recanvass of all ballots is taking place to be sure the ballots correspond to the machine count in each election district.

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