WATERLOO — Owners of electric vehicles will be able to get their rides charged up for free.

Seneca County is allowing anyone with an electric-powered vehicle to use its two charging stations at no cost. The Board of Supervisors’ Planning, Development, Agriculture & Tourism Committee discussed the initiative, and decided to go forward with the idea, at its meeting Tuesday.

The stations are in the south parking lot of the County Office Building off Thurber Drive, near the Rochester Transit System buses.

The county purchased two small charging stations for about $1,200 to help it qualify for a state grant as a clean energy community. The county does not have any electric-powered vehicles.

County Manager John Sheppard said the cost of using the station is about 25 cents per vehicle, and the consensus is that it wouldn’t cost the county much to offer the service free to the public. Committee members decided to see how the program goes before adopting a formal policy related to the charging stations.

Also Tuesday, the committee promoted Joseph McGrath to a vacant position as grant management specialist in the Planning Department, with his salary rising from $41,170 to $49,568. He’ll work directly with the Finger Lakes Regional Land Bank.

McGrath’s former position won’t be filled.

All measures adopted Tuesday will go to the full board for consideration at its Nov. 14 meeting. In other committee action:

MENTAL HEALTH — Voted 5-0 to recommend the reappointment of Jennifer Mander and Dr. Veronica Mittak to new, four-year terms on the Community Services Board.

FINANCE, ASSESSMENT & INSURANCE — Scheduled a public hearing on the tentative, 2018 county budget for 6 p.m. Dec. 12 at the County Office Building. The board plans to conduct a budget workshop Nov. 4, not allowing enough time to conduct a public hearing at its Nov. 14 meeting.

HUMAN SERVICES — Voted to increase the allocation to the Seneca County Transportation Corps by $5,000 for the rest of the year. The original budgeted amount of $5,400 is not going to be enough to complete the year, and County Manager John Sheppard noted he is putting $25,000 into the 2018 budget for that purpose. The program pays volunteer drivers a per-mile free to provide transportation to county residents, including veterans.

PUBLIC SAFETY — By a 4-0 vote, agreed to take $45,000 in del Lago Resort & Casino revenue and apply the money to road patrol and criminal investigation department overtime costs related to security services provided to the Tyre business. The committee also voted 4-0 to transfer $84,000 from the corrections department’s full and part-time budgets toward overtime costs until the end of 2017.

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