WATERLOO — The Seneca County Board of Supervisors is reviewing four staff changes proposed by County Manager John Sheppard and Personnel Director Kathy Corona.

The changes have been considered by the supervisors’ appropriate committees. Sheppard said the board consensus is to continue deliberation of the changes before taking formal action.

The proposed changes:

PLANNING — Deputy Director of Planning Peter Brown has not acted in that capacity for years, Sheppard noted, instead functioning as a director of code enforcement. Sheppard said he’s asking the board to create a new title of director of code enforcement and put Brown in that position. He’s also asking that the existing grant coordinator, Jill Henry, be named deputy director of planning. The grant coordinator position would be eliminated.

YOUTH BUREAU — Sheppard said Youth Bureau Director Michael Whirtley has, for all practical purposes, functioned as director of workforce development for nearly a year. He said that position includes the Youth Bureau staff and effort. He is asking the board to recognize this alignment in both title and function.

PERSONNEL — The county has a three-person Personnel Department that provides civil service oversight to all county, municipal and school district employees. Sheppard is proposing a reorganization to a Human Resources Department, with existing employees from some other departments added to that new body. He is proposing an HR department that will include risk management, health benefits, safety, personnel, staff coordination, training and succession planning functions.

CONFIDENTIAL SECRETARY — Sheppard’s confidential secretary is Crystal Manktelow, who also functions as purchasing agent. Sheppard is asking the board to adopt new and comprehensive duties for the position to include seeking bids, administering bids, tracking and administering the majority of requests for proposals, and providing oversight to the purchasing process. He is asking the board to recognize these duties and compensate the confidential secretary/purchasing agent fairly.

“It is a net no change in the total number of job positions and a slight increase in the cost of personnel,” Sheppard summarized.

Speaking of RFPs, Sheppard said there were three related to the county’s Solid Waste Management Plan. The prices range from nearly $52,000 to $82,000.

The Public Works Committee decided in February to take no action on the bids, acknowledging there is no money in the 2017 budget for a SWMP contract.

That panel has stated its countywide, curbside pickup of recyclables meets a major goal of a state-approved SWMP, Sheppard said.

“It is my intent to continue with SWMP discussion during the 2018-19 budget process,” he said.

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