WATERLOO — Although she saw her first opposition in more than two decades, Seneca County Clerk Christina “Tina” Lotz’s long tenure will continue.

According to results posted Tuesday night by the county Board of Elections, with all 27 districts reporting, Lotz — the Republican incumbent — garnered 8,893 votes (70.75%) to 3,674 votes (29.23%) for Democratic challenger Melissa Brand-Brown.

Those numbers included early voting and in-person voting.

“Those numbers are wonderful. I love them,” Lotz said by phone Tuesday night. “I put my heart and soul into my job, and I think the people of Seneca County recognize that.”

Lotz, of Seneca Falls, was appointed to the position in 1995 by then Gov. George Pataki. The following year, in her first election for the position, she easily defeated Democratic challenger Toni DiPronio Smith.

Lotz, 59, ran unopposed in every subsequent election until this year. Brand-Brown, 36, is also a Seneca Falls resident.

Lotz said she is looking forward to another four years on the job.

“I still have a lot of passion for the job,” she said. “I am still happy to work for the people of Seneca County, and want to continue to do a good job.”

At press time, here were the last numbers on other area races:

• 23RD CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT — According to the state Board of Elections website, with 223 of 526 districts reporting, Republican incumbent Tom Reed (56.9%) led Democratic challenger Tracy Mitrano (39.1%) in a rematch from 2018.

• 24TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT — With 393 of 681 districts reporting, Republican incumbent John Katko (54.1%) led Democratic challenger Dana Balter (40.7%).

• 54TH STATE SENATE — With 44 of 297 districts reporting, Republican incumbent Pam Helming (60.6%) led Democratic challenger Shauna O’Toole (333.4%).

• 58TH STATE SENATE — With 117 of 247 districts reporting, Republican incumbent Tom O’Mara (55.4 percent) led Democratic challenger Leslie Danks Burke (41.5 percent).

• 131ST ASSEMBLY DISTRICT — With 19 of 111 districts reporting, Republican Jeff Gallahan (53.9%) percent led Democratic challenger Matt Miller (37.7%).

• 130TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT — With 6 of 161 districts reporting, Republican incumbent Brian Manktelow (55.3%) led Democratic challenger Scott Comegys (39.2%).

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