WATERLOO — The Seneca County Board of Supervisors and Local 850 of the Civil Service Employees Association have ratified a new, one-year labor contract for 2018.

The board gave its approval Tuesday and the union gave its blessing earlier this month.

The current contract expires Dec. 31. The new contract rolls over most of the provisions of the current contract for another year. It provides the full- and part-time union members with a 3-percent salary and wage hike for 2018, including any step increases for eligible employees.

Other changes in the contract relate to step placement of qualified transferred employees, carry over vacation time, compensatory time off in a calendar year, telephone time pay, days off for union business, vacation pay at separation, call-in provisions, bereavement leave and on-call pay.

The one-year contract makes all three county employee unions have contracts that expire at the end of 2018.

In other action Tuesday, the board:

• TAX CAP OVERRIDE: By a weighted vote of 414 to 268, thought it approved a local law authorizing the override of the state’s 2 percent tax levy cap increase for 2018. But on Wednesday, an email was sent out saying the local law did not pass upon further review because it did not have the 60 percent majority required. Approval requires at least 450 weighted votes, according to County Attorney Frank Fisher.

Voting for the local law were board members Gary Westfall, Greg Lazzaro, Cindy Lorenzetti, Greg Wadhams, Lee Davidson, David Kaiser, Ron McGreevy and Bob Shipley. Opposed were Michael Reynolds, Walt Prouty, Paul Kronenwetter, Bob Hayssen and Don Trout.

Steve Churchill of Seneca Falls and his 68 weighted votes were absent.

The tentative budget filed by County Manager John Sheppard contains a 1.7 percent tax levy increase.

• TOURISM PROMOTION: Voted to renew its contract with the Seneca County Chamber of Commerce for the Chamber to again serve as the county’s tourism promotion agency (TPA) in 2018. The county has agreed to provide up to $225,750 from its 3 percent room occupancy tax to go toward the county’s match for state tourism funds. This will be the 10th consecutive year the county has contracted with the Chamber for TPA services.

• PATHWAY HOME: Heard an update from board President Roderick Coe and Executive Director Martie Shields of Pathway Home of the Finger Lakes, an end of life, two-bed facility in Tyre that opened in February.

The county gave Pathway Home $5,000 in the 2017 budget and gave tentative approval to put another $5,000 in the 2018 budget. Coe said 29 terminally ill persons and their families have been served by the hospice this year, at no cost to the families. Care is provided primarily by trained volunteers.

• LIBRARIES: Heard an appeal from Martin Toombs, president of the Board of Directors of the Seneca Falls Library and a board member of the Finger Lakes Library System, for an increase in funding for the county’s five public libraries in 2018.

He said the libraries would like to receive $75,000, divided equally among the five libraries, to continue providing many important services for their communities.

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