By now you’ve heard about our plans for the future of Seneca Meadows. As with all news associated with our operations, it is being met with a lot of passion and misinformation. With that in mind, we cannot lose sight of what is most important about Seneca Meadows — the facts.

Here are some of the most important facts:

• We’ve applied with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to utilize the middle area (Valley Infill) of the existing landfill footprint.

• Seneca Meadows’ footprint will not change. Our long-term plans will not alter the current dimensions of the landfill.

• The resulting approval will enable us to operate for an additional 15 years at the current tonnage limit, which will not change.

• No wetlands will be impacted and there will be no increase in noise.

• The area that will be developed will minimize the size of the operational areas and reduce the potential for dust and odor.

The Valley Infill will be designed, constructed and operated to meet and exceed federal and state standards because we have the best team in the business on the job, period. We have always been a part of the fabric of our community, and we have always gone above and beyond to do what’s right. This is why we have been, and will continue to be, an economic driver for the entire region.

Our neighbors know we live up to all of our commitments, no matter if they are environmental, economic, or charitable. Now more than ever, local governments are in desperate need of revenue. Seneca Meadows provides $4 million a year in local taxes and direct benefits, and without it everyone’s property taxes would skyrocket. Local parks, the library, and first responders all receive critical funding from Seneca Meadows. They are all pieces of what makes our community the great place it is.

In addition to this critical tax revenue, we proudly contribute more than $250,000 a year to local charities. From local veteran groups and environmental causes to school programs, supporting families in need and first responders, we take the Seneca Meadows tradition of supporting local charities seriously.

Our more than 100 local skilled employees and vendors are critical to the region’s economy. We are your neighbors and take great pride every day working safe, protecting the environment for our fellow employees, our families, and our friends and neighbors.

Whether it’s having an open dialogue with the professionals at NYSDEC, or listening to input from our neighbors and the entire community, we respect the permitting process. We know there will be questions, and we look forward to educating local elected leaders and the public of our plans.

Sticking to the facts will produce a brighter future and better outcomes for all of us.

Kyle Black is the District Manager for Seneca Meadows.

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