HOPEWELL — For the most part, local police are willing to give a pass to people who shoot off fireworks on the Fourth of July — even if the fireworks are illegal.

Ontario County Sheriff Kevin Henderson said they won’t be doing so for people who continue that well past the Fourth.

“We had a lot of (noise) complaints after the Fourth of July, which was understandable,” he said. “All we are asking is to be considerate of your neighbors and be aware of the legalities.”

Henderson said some fireworks, including “sparkler-type” devices, are legal in New York and were being sold by vendors in several areas of the county leading up to July 4th. However, Henderson said people who have projectile-type fireworks purchased in Pennsylvania can and will be charged with having illegal fireworks, and they will be seized.

Henderson also urged people bothered by loud fireworks, especially late at night, to call the sheriff’s office at (585) 394-4560. All information can remain confidential, and deputies who respond will not tell the offender where the complaint came from.

“If they are legal, fine, but be safe,” said Henderson, who noted that a Canandaigua man was burned trying to light fireworks on the Fourth. “We want people to enjoy summer, but be respectful.”

Henderson is reporting the following statistics from June:

• The 911 Center processed 15,008 “events,” including 6,235 for the sheriff’s office/state police, 1,225 calls for emergency medical services, and 328 for fire departments. There were 2,112 events for the Geneva Police Department and 5,108 for the Canandaigua PD.

There were 27 calls for reported drug overdoses.

• There were 344 motor-vehicle crashes last month, including one fatality and 66 with injury. There were 138 property-damage-only crashes, 89 car-deer collisions, five vehicles in ditches, six rollovers and 39 hit-and-run incidents.

• The sheriff’s office K-9 unit had 41 calls for service, including drug searches, trackings, public presentations, and assists to other agencies.

• Deputies assigned to Eastview Mall responded to 119 calls and made 15 arrests. Stolen property valued at nearly $9,000 was recovered.

• The civil division attempted service on 274 papers and served 241, including 27 family court papers and 73 subpoenas. Deputies assisted with 19 evictions in June.

The office received 47 warrants and closed out 36 others. Eight of the warrants were received and executed the same day.

• Law enforcement officers completed firearms qualifications at the firing range.

• Sheriff’s staff continue to process pistol permit applications. Henderson said 220 investigations have been completed so far this year.

• Special traffic patrols were worked in the towns of Canandaigua, Farmington, Geneva, and Victor. Deputies issued 37 tickets in Canandaigua, 11 in Farmington, 14 in Geneva, and 17 in Victor.

• There were 173 people (126 men and 47 women) committed to the county jail in June; 140 people were held for arraignment at the jail.

• The special investigation unit made seven drug-related arrests in June, including the class B felonies of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.

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