GENEVA — The Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association has exceeded its annual fundraising goal for 2020, allowing it to continue all previous programs and launching a new “Lake Friendly Living” initiative in the spring.

SLPWA set an annual appeal goal of $20,000 and ended up raising more than $22,000, according to board President Jacob Welch.

“Our Pure Waters team is very thankful for all we were able to accomplish in 2019 and look forward too an even bigger and better 2020 as we pursue our mission to preserve, protect and promote Seneca Lake water quality,” Welch said.

He added that all the ground work has been put into place to launch Lake Friendly Living this spring.

“It will teach property owners around the lake commonsense practices around homes and businesses to help preserve and protect the lake,” Welch said.

Others plans for 2020 include:

• Expanding the website to include a “help wanted” section, detailing the areas where volunteer support is needed. Those include membership, fundraising, communications, event coordination, website support, photography, finance, administrative support, IT support, the HABs program, stream monitoring and the invasive species program.

• Meeting with county Soil and Water Conservation Districts and other key partners to identify and pursue areas of assistance and projects that address known sources of pollution of the lake.

• Emphasizing the importance of riparian buffer zones to reduce sediment and nutrient loading to the lake.

• Looking for five new board members to attend monthly board meetings and spend about 15 hours a month doing various tasks.

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