New York (AP) — A New York landlord died after a tenant allegedly pushed him down a flight of stairs.

Police arrested Alex Garces, 22, on manslaughter charges in the death Monday of Edgar Moncayo, 70, the Daily News reported.

Doorbell camera footage shows Moncayo being shoved down the stairs and hitting his head on the sidewalk Sunday afternoon.

The family of the victim said Garces had broken into the house in Queens to retrieve his belongings after refusing to pay $200 in rent.

Garces' brother-in-law, Christhian Guapi, 22, gave a different account. He said he was with Garces and that Moncayo let the two of them into the building.

“He didn’t ask us for anything. He just let us in to get Alex’s stuff,” Guapi said.

Guapi said that when the pair made a second trip inside the building to retrieve Garces' items, there was an altercation in the corridor.

“When I went inside, the landlord started an argument. He said, ‘Why are you trying to get all this stuff?’ The landlord locked us inside the corridor,” Guapi said.

Guapi said that Moncayo jumped on Garces when he opened the door and that Garces tried to ignore him. He said that Moncayo attempted to jump on him a second time and the pair began to push one another.

Video footage shows Moncayo standing outside the front door of the house and telling someone on the phone in Spanish to “call the police.” He then apparently tried to go back inside but was pushed down the stairs to the street.

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