WATERLOO — Trelina Solar Energy Center has submitted a 135-page list of 41 stipulations related to its 80 megawatt solar project proposed for the Packwood Road area of the town.

The paperwork details how officials from the Florida company plan to address a host of issues, ranging from public contact and project information, to site restoration and decommissioning, to applications to modify or build adjacent to the site. The stipulations relate to the scope of the project and the methodology of studies to be conducted in support of the application for a permit to build and operate the facility.

The propose stipulations include, but are not limited to:

• The scope and types of studies to be conducted.

• The content and analysis for each exhibit and study.

• The type of maps, drawings or explanations to be provided.

• The methodologies to be used in performing studies.

• The data to be collected and compared in studies.

• Impact avoidance and mitigation measures.

• The type and extent of agency consultations needed before submitting the application.

• The information required to be provided in the application in compliance with Article 10 regulations.

The stipulations would be agreed to by Trelina, the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the state Department of Public Service, the state Department of Agriculture & Markets, and the town of Waterloo.

A public comment period began June 22 and will end July 13. After that, the parties can consider executing the stipulations in an official manner.

Any person, agency or municipality may submit comments on the proposed stipulations by sending them to Trelina’s designated representative, attorney Michelle Piasecki, at mpiasecki@harrisbeach.com and filing a copy with the secretary of the State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, Michelle Phillips, at secretary@dps.ny.gov.

All documents, including the proposed stipulations, may be accessed electronically at www.dps.ny.gov by using the case number 19-F-0366, or at www.trelinasolarenergycenter.com/. The proposed stipulations also may be reviewed at Town Hall, 66 Virginia St.; the Waterloo Library & Historical Society, 31 E. William St.; or the Geneva Public Library, 244 Main St., Geneva.

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