ARCADIA — Town Supervisor Chuck Verkey captured his first four-year term in 2015 as a Republican running on the Democratic line.

This time he’s running on the Republican line, but will have a Democratic opponent this time around.

Kelli Kelley, a longtime business consultant and founding member of a community organization that now provides free lunches to hundreds of local youth, Blessings in a Backpack, is running for town supervisor against Verkey.

“Our town lacks communication and financial management,” Kelley said in a response to emailed questions from the Finger Lakes Times.

Verkey did not respond to the same emailed questions.

“I was asked to consider being a candidate for town supervisor,” Kelley said. “I accepted for many reasons, including my education, work experience and commitment to the town my family and I call home. If elected, I will develop and implement methods of communication that allow for information to be provided and received by all residents and business owners. I will encourage communication with the Village Board. I will work to ensure that we are utilizing all current resources, pursuing all grants and will develop and implement financial goals and metrics to determine whether the financial goals have been met. I will work to rebuild our community through improved communication and respect for every resident.”

She added that “being town supervisor is not a job to me. I see this as an opportunity to establish practices that can be utilized for years to come by any person elected town supervisor. Better understanding of our town’s resources, improved financial management and communication are what we need to rebuild our community.”

Verkey is a former state trooper and was the town’s code enforcement officer for 17 years before taking over the supervisor job in 2017. He also has served on the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals.

He fended off a primary challenge over the summer to gain the GOP line.

At the county level, Verkey heads the supervisors’ Public Safety Committee.

Kelley will appear on the Democratic line with town board candidates Allison Kirsch and Ryan Brotons.

They will be vying against Republicans Dawn Pisciotti and incumbent Councilor Richard Van Laeken.

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