WATERLOO — This Seneca County village has six elected officials. They have been eligible for health insurance through the village, if they so choose. If they decline the insurance, they have been given a $250-a-month stipend.

The Village Board voted 3-0 Monday to eliminate the stipend, effective July 1. Trustees Les Marquart, Gina Suffredini and John Butlak voted in favor. Mayor Jack O’Connor, who proposed the measure at the May meeting, only votes to break ties.

Trustee Lee Boise was absent.

The health insurance benefit and stipend applies to the mayor, four trustees and the village justice. When O’Connor proposed the change in May, several board members wanted to table it so they could review it in more detail before voting.

In other action Monday:

• Awarded a contract for construction of the Woodworth Road pressure-reducing valve building to Rizzo Construction of Auburn for $317,690. Rizzo was the lowest of six bids opened April 17.

The village owns property on Woodworth Road in the town of Fayette where the building, associated equipment, valves, pumps and piping will be installed to provide better pressure control of treated water from the village treatment plant on Kime Road. The village will provide stone for the foundation and a concrete slab for the building, and handle all site work more than 5 feet from the structure.

Work on the building is expected to begin soon.

• Approved demolition derby and fireworks permits for organizers of the annual Seneca County Fair on Swift Street.

• Approved four new active firefighters for the Waterloo Volunteer Fire Department.

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