WATERLOO — While a Rochester company is working to update the village code book, the board is continuing to enforce the existing standards.

Mayor Jack O’Connor, who took office April 1, has hired Ron Bird as code enforcement officer and directed him to focus on compliance with the property maintenance and waste management sections of the code, which are found in Chapter 178. As General Code works to create a draft for the board to review, the village is using fines to obtain compliance with existing codes.

O’Connor noted that when village staffers are needed to clean up a property neglected by the owners, including absentee ones, fines will be imposed. He said if the property owner is a repeat offender, there will be a progressive fine billed to the owner, with a letter sent to notify the property owner of each penalty.

Regarding rubbish and debris, O’Connor said when village services are required to remedy a situation due to non-compliance, a fine will be imposed too. That fine will be progressively higher for repeat offenses.

“We believe that such actions are necessary to clean up the village and to make it more appealing for current and new residents,” O’Connor said. “It goes hand in hand with the downtown revitalization efforts now underway. I want to restore the pride that many of us remember growing up in this historic community. I only ask for village residents to support getting this job done as efficiently as possible.”

Also at Monday’s Village Board meeting:

• Plans to repair and upgrade the water system infrastructure on Grove, Kendig, East Kendig, Illick, Lincoln and Washington streets will proceed ahead of those streets being repaved over the next few years.

• Parts 2 and 3 of the State Environmental Quality Review document for improvements at the village water treatment plant in Fayette have been completed.

• A possible expansion of the fire department facilities on East Water Street to accommodate the new, longer fire trucks being manufactured today was discussed.

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