Suffredini and Butlak

In this December 2017 file photo, judges Gina Suffredini and John Butlak taste apple pies at the Gridley Inn as part of Waterloo’s Miracle on Main Street holiday celebration. The Waterloo Village Board seats held by both are up for election in March.

WATERLOO — The process for conducting the 2021 village election in this Seneca County community is underway.

The first day to sign a candidate’s Republican Party designating petition for the two trustee seats up for election next year was Nov. 30. The period to file those petitions with the Seneca County Board of Elections begins Jan. 4 and ends one week later.

The four-year terms of Trustees Gina Suffredini, a Democrat, and John Butlak, a Republican, expire. Village Republicans select their candidates by petition. Democrats select candidates at a party caucus, as does the Conservative and Independence parties.

Democrats must post a notice of a caucus time, date and location in a newspaper no later than two weeks before the caucus date. Six notices of the caucus also may be posted at locations within the village at least 10 days before the caucus.

The window to conduct a caucus is Jan. 19-26. The party’s deadline to file a certificate of the caucus results is Jan. 28.

Meanwhile, village elections in Interlaken, Ovid and Lodi are conducted by the villages and are done by independent designating petitions, not political party petitions or caucuses. The first day to sign independent nominating petitions is Dec. 29. Those petitions must be filed with the village clerks from Feb. 2-9.

In Interlaken, the seats held by Mayor Richard Richardson and Trustees Anthony DelPlato and Christopher Kempf are up for election. All are four-year terms.

In Ovid, voters will elect a mayor and two trustees. The incumbents are Mayor Leon Kelly and Trustees Mary Oese and June Favreau.

In Lodi, which has a three-member board, it was unclear as of press time if any seats are up for election.

Voting in village elections is slated from noon to 9 p.m. March 16.

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