WATERLOO — Not all high school seniors will attend college. Some elect not to learn a trade at Wayne-Finger Lakes Board of Cooperative Educational Services.

However, many of those same students want jobs with local businesses and industries after they graduate — and the Waterloo school board is exploring the possibility of creating a position to further that objective.

The Board of Education will discuss the feasibility of creating a school-to-work coordinator position at the high school for 2019-20. That person would be tasked with guiding graduating seniors into the local workforce to meet a demand.

In another personnel matter on Monday’s meeting agenda, the board will debate whether to add a half-time high school art teacher.

Also on Monday’s agenda:

• The 2019-20 school budget will be presented to the board. A public hearing could be scheduled for May 6. The statewide vote on school budgets, boards and propositions is May 21.

• A tour of district transportation department facilities at 6 p.m.

• A 6:50 p.m. public hearing on the new student code of conduct.

• An update on Middle School activities from Principal Vincent Vitale.

• Receipt of $1,000 for March and $1,000 for April from Lakewood Development of Syracuse to extend the purchase option for the former Main Street School up to six months. Those fees will be credited to the purchase price at closing. The 91-year-old building is targeted for senior housing.

• Tenure recommendations for teachers Mark Griffin Jr., Richard Vogt, Keriann Mietz, Molly Lahr, Marie Hacker, Sara Switzer, Sean Sweeney, Deja Arnold, Daniel Hacker, Tyler Hutcheson, Kathryn Jones and Alyssa Thomas.

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