WATERLOO — Later this month, the school district will send out 2016-17 school tax bills.

On Monday night, the school board will be asked to approve the tax rates per $1,000 of assessed value for the five towns that make up the district.

The proposed rates:

— Waterloo, $22.11.

— Fayette, $26.19.

— Seneca Falls, $19.90.

— Junius, $23.98.

— Tyre, $25.19.

Taxes can be paid without penalty in September. There is a 2 percent penalty added for taxes paid in October and a 3 percent penalty if they’re paid in November.

Also on Monday’s agenda:

• A presentation from Director of Special Education Erica Sinicropi on graduation requirements for students with disabilities.

• The resignations of Christi Dickenson as a kindergarten teacher; Courtney Holt as a fourth-grade teacher; Sandra Hopkins as a teaching assistant; Kathleen Mills as a high school science teacher; Kaitlin Stone as a high school English teacher; and Barbara Christopher as central treasurer at LaFayette Intermediate School.

• Sherrill O’Brien will be considered for appointment to a four-year probationary period as a teaching assistant.

• A recommendation to continue partnering with the Geneva City School District for ice hockey in 2016-17.

• Approval of the board’s 2016-17 goals and discussion of the discipline diversion program at the high school.

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