WATERLOO — A three-way race for mayor, a contested race for two trustee seats and village justice highlight the village of Waterloo election Tuesday.

Incumbent Mayor Ted Young, a Democrat, is seeking his third, four-year term. He faces Republican challenger Jack O’Connor and Conservative challenger William White.

The two trustee seats up are those of Democrat Josh Mull and Republican Les Marquart. Marquart is seeking a second term, but Mull is not running again after serving 12 years.

Joining Marquart on the Republican ticket for trustee is Robert McGill. The sole Democratic candidate is Lee Boice.

Squaring off for village justice are incumbent Republican Conrad Struzik, seeking a second term, and Democratic challenger David Dressing Jr.

There are 2,811 registered voters in the village eligible to vote.

There are also elections in three other Seneca County villages.

In Interlaken, voters will elect two trustees, both for four-year terms.

The candidates are incumbents William McGuire and Keith Jay and challengers Joseph Pepper, Holly Covert and Kevin Barr.

In Ovid, incumbent trustees James Rappleyea and Gary Covert are both running unopposed.

In Lodi, voters will see Kyle Barnhart running unopposed for the unexpired term of Francis Steverson and Michael Huff running unopposed for a trustee seat.

Here a look at the Waterloo candidates:


Name: Ted Young

Age: 72

Address: 32 W. Wright Ave.

Party line: Democrat.

Job: Mayor, retired from New York State Electric & Gas

Education: Waterloo High, 1964; U. S. Air Force, 4 years.

Family: Wife, Judy; son, Todd and daughter, Tracy, two grandchildren.

Your opponent says it’s time for a change. You’ve been mayor for 12 years. Respond to that.

I’m not sure what he’s talking about. We have been very open at our meetings. We have gotten $10 million in grants and private investors for downtown. You would have to be blind not to see what’s going on there. Upgrades to our water distribution system so we won’t have to worry about blue-green algae. Upgrades to the sewer plant. Replacement of Locust Street bridge. Partnered with the school to provide low cost senior housing at the Main Street School. Mr. O’Connor said he has attended board meetings to stay abreast of village activities. A check of village meeting minutes show the last meeting he attended was in October 2018.

What do you see as accomplishments during your tenure as mayor?

We have received more than $10 million in grants, which keeps the tax rate down and provides economic development. These grants include Restore New York, Bridge New York, a comprehensive master plan grant and a CDBG business support grant, just to name some of the 15 we’ve received. There have been infrastructure improvements in water, sewer and streets. We’ve developed a strategic plan for maintenance and upgrades at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayers. We worked with the town of Waterloo on the Stark Street project and sharing the cost of specialized equipment.

If re-elected, what would your priorities be for the next four years?

The repair and rebuilding of village streets, keeping costs in mind. For our water system, I want to keep our water treatment plant up to code and continue to provide safe, clean drinking water and for our protection. Another priority is to keep our sewer plant up with mandated upgrades to keep it within DEC regulations. Another is to get more residents involved in planning activities for the future of the village.

Do you still hope to get Seneca County to share sales tax with towns and villages?

Yes. I will keep talking to the Board of Supervisors on sharing the sales tax. I know we can do a better job with our share, based on what’s been going on at the county level.

Name: Jack O’Connor

Age: 76

Address: 18 Keli Drive

Party lines: Republican, For the People

Job: Retired U.S. Postal Service postmaster

Education: Waterloo High School.

Family: Wife, Linda; four children, 14 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren.

What criticism do you have of Ted Young’s tenure as mayor?

When he was first elected, he said he would have a transparent administration, that all meeting minutes would be posted on the web page and be available to all. Minutes are not being posted. When I asked who was the webmaster of the website, I was told Fingerlakes1.com. This isn’t true. He does not communicate with the rest of the board on pertinent decisions. He fails to return calls to village residents regarding their concerns. Once I was on the agenda to speak of concerns I was hoping to get answers to. I was told by the mayor I could ask my questions, but no one would respond and they didn’t.

What priorities would you have as mayor?

The infrastructure of the village is in horrible condition, our streets are terrible, especially the south side streets.The rest of the village has similar problems. That would be the first thing I would attack. Second would be to clean up the village. We have many properties that are in violation of village codes, including one that has been in violation for six years. Our code tell us how to handle these situations, yet no action has been taken by the mayor or code enforcement officers. This would change if I am elected. Another priority is to treat everyone as I would expect to be treated.

Do you feel the village is heading in the right direction? Why or why not?

Yes, I feel the village is heading in the right direction in the downtown area only. We have been fortunate to have people to show interest in our downtown area. I ask everyone to go to the website WaterlooEats.com and see first hand what they have in mind. This administration is not responsible for that. The three people with a vision are. With this foundation and cleaning up the rest of the village, we will end up with a great product.

Do you agree with the effort of the mayor to get Seneca County to share sales tax with towns and villages? Why or why not?

When del Lago opened for business, all sales tax was to be given to Seneca County. It was at that time that the mayor, in February 2016, attended a Board of Supervisors meeting with a proposal where the village and others would get a portion. That proposal was rejected. No other effort has been put forward. My answer is I do not agree with the mayor’s effort.

Name: William White

Age: 58

Address: 105 Brookside Drive

Party lines: Conservative

Job: Vice president for administration, Western Region Off-Track Betting, Batavia.

Education: Waterloo High School.

Family: Wife, Colleen.

Mr. White did not respond to questions posed by the Finger Lakes Times


Name: Les Marquart

Age: NA

Address: 25 Keli Drive

Party lines: Republican

Job: Retired police officer, security officer

Education: Waterloo High School.

Family: NA

Mr. Marquart did not respond to questions posed to him by the Finger Lakes Times

Name: Lee Boice

Age: 63

Address: 159 Virginia St.

Party lines: Democrat

Job: Senior project manager for ITT Goulds Pumps

Education: Alfred State College, St. John Fisher College.

Family: Wife, Kim; three children, six grandchildren.

What would your priorities be over the next four years if elected to the Village Board?

Improvement of infrastructure, including the departments that service them. Improve village police and fire department services and building on the development of our downtown area. Streets located off the main arteries in the village are in need of serious long term and sustaining repairs. Sidewalks need to be added and built up. We should continue to improve our water and sewer systems. Our marvelous police and fire departments will need need improvement to their tools and staffing. Another priority is full-fledged support for continuing to revitalize and enhance our downtown. We have a great foundation that is heading in the right direction.

Are you happy or unhappy with the direction the village is going? Why or why not?

I am happy with the direction the village is going. Our village board does reach out to the community for ideas and suggestions. This is evident most recently with our Downtown Market Analysis, village Comprehensive Plan draft and Downtown Needs Assessment. I support continuing thru with residents and these studies to continue building our village and its needs in a prudent cost versus benefit direction.

Should the village seek a share of the county’s sales tax revenue? Why or why not?

I support continuing efforts to seek a share of the county sales tax. The village is expected to both hold property taxes to a minimum while supporting an ever-increasing budget and costs. Our state government is annually not supporting year over year, through our tax dollars, the money needed for Waterloo and other small upstate communities. We have several large county businesses that the county receives a portion of sale taxes levied on them. Village residents support these businesses and, in turn, we should also share, in small part, the sales taxes received.

Name: Robert McGill

Age: 67

Address: 32 E. William St.

Party lines: Republican

Job: NA

Education: NA

Family: NA

Mr. McGill declined to answer the trustee candidate questions posed by the Finger Lakes Times.


Name: Conrad Struzik

Age: 51

Address: 6 W. Wright Ave.

Party lines: Republican, Conservative

Job: General manager of Holiday Inn Express at Syracuse airport.

Education: Waterloo High School, FLCC.

Family: Wife, Karen, three children.

Why do you feel you’d be a better village justice than your opponent?

I was elected village justice in 2015 and have gained experience in running the court for the past four years. I have received annual training through the state and the Seneca County Magistrates Association. My experience as judge allows me to continue to handle all the cases that come before the court properly. As a hotel manager, my experience helps me to handle the financial aspects of the court as well as treat everyone that comes before the court courteously. The combined experience helps me to run the court efficiently and effectively while treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Name: David Dressing Jr.

Age: 43

Address: 63 Virginia St.

Party lines: Democrat

Job: Bus driver, Waterloo school district

Education: Waterloo High School.

Family: Wife, Christina; six children.

Why do you feel you’d be a better village justice than your opponent?

Being born and raised in Waterloo, my community is very important to me. I’ve raised and provided for my family here working as a public servant for nearly half of my adult life. I have been a union vice president, a contract negotiator and worked in employee relations. My top priority is to focus on the safety of our community. I have attended and observed many courts in our region to learn ways our justice courts may function more efficiently and effectively. I have availability to allow village court to return to the number of monthly sessions that best serves the safety of our community.

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