Wayne has rescheduled a COVID-19 clinic set for last Saturday for this Saturday, Feb. 27. The clinic had been cancelled because vaccine shipments expected to arrive did not because of poor weather conditions in a large portion of the nation.

LYONS — The wintry weather that hit a large portion of the nation last week resulted in COVID-19 vaccine distribution being delayed across the country, including this region.

That delay forced the cancellation of a second-dose vaccine clinic hosted by Wayne County Public Health that was set to take place Feb. 20. However, those folks scheduled for those second doses will only have to wait a few more days.

Public Health announced Tuesday that the clinic is rescheduled for 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 27 at the Health Services Building, 1519 Nye Road.

The health department is contacting those scheduled for the second dose to notify them of the change. Appointment times have not changed, and the agency said those scheduled for vaccines are asked to bring their registration tickets for the Feb. 20 clinic with them on Saturday.

Additionally, Public Health’s second-dose Moderna Vaccination Clinic, set for 1-4 p.m. Feb. 25 at the Health Services Building, is going forward as planned. Those scheduled for the clinic are also reminded to bring their registration tickets.

Public Health Educator Ryan Mulhern said Wednesday by email that persons in priority groups eligible to receive the vaccines have been registering for first doses through a link to the registration website sent directly from the health department.

“We typically disseminate the registration link to the groups we are approved to vaccinate,” Mulhern said. “The link is to a state-run website. So, for example, if we are able to vaccinate teachers, and we have XXX amount of doses coming in the door for that week, we will ask the superintendents of Wayne County schools to identify individuals (a certain number allotted to each school as evenly as possible) who are still awaiting and wanting their vaccination appointment, and the schools may use the link we create and send for that specific clinic to register those eligible individuals.”

Mulhern emphasized that “due to our constraints regarding who we can or cannot vaccinate even within the eligible groups, as determined by New York State, we have not had publicly available clinics occurring as frequently as they may occur in the near future.”

That will be changing. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that starting next week, local health departments will also receive vaccine allocations for individuals with comorbidities and underlying conditions.

Mulhern recommends continually checking the Finger Lakes Vaccination Hub, for the latest on eligibility for and availability of COVID-19 vaccination appointments in the region. In addition, Mulhern urges people to check out the agency’s webpage at and its social media accounts for upcoming clinic announcements.

He noted that second-dose registrations are made at the time of the first dose’s clinic.

“We have staff that will help with the second-dose registration process during their 15-minute observation period at the frist-dose clinic, which helps us guarantee as much as possible that we are getting those all-important second doses to anyone we vaccinate,” he said. “The entire process, down to the scheduling and dose counts, including the number of first doses and second doses having to match up, is tightly monitored and planned. Every first dose administered through Wayne County Public Health’s clinics includes a second dose that is ‘pre-reserved’ for that person, with a clinic date and time, and no one’s second dose is ever ‘given away’ elsewhere.”

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