GORHAM — Marcus Whitman school district voters approved a referendum Tuesday adding $5 million to an already approved $29 million capital project.

The referendum passed 242-99.

The project was approved in 2017 by a 236-156 margin. It consisted of about $19 million in work at the high school, middle school and Finger Lakes Secondary School (BOCES wing). It addition, there was about $9 million in work between Gorham Elementary and Valley-Middlesex Primary, and about $800,000 in upgrades for the transportation facility. New tennis courts and athletic fields were part of the original project too.

The additional $5 million will cover a new addition to the middle/high school and a new concession stand, as well as site work, furnishings, and equipment needed for the project.

“The goal of this vote was to put the decision to finish the project as originally approved into the hands of the voters. It is their money,” said Christopher Brown, district superintendent. “We are pleased and humbled at the voter turnout, as well as the results. We will continue to take the community’s trust in us very seriously, and we are all excited to see the finished product.”

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