This dog, named Hatty, is now at the Ontario County Humane Society shelter in Hopewell and will be adopted out.

WEST BLOOMFIELD — A local woman accused of fabricating a story so she could get rid of her dog faces criminal charges.

Elizabeth J. Ashmead, 22, was charged Monday by the Ontario County Humane Society and sheriff’s office with making a punishable false written statement and falsely reporting an incident. Both charges are misdemeanors.

Humane Society Director Bill Martin, also a sheriff’s deputy, said the charges stem from an investigation that began Friday, when Ashmead reported seeing a dog being pushed from a vehicle stopped near her home. She gave officials a description of the vehicle at that time.

The dog, a hound mix 2-3 years old, was not hurt. It was taken to the humane society shelter in Hopewell.

Martin said officials learned, through the investigation, that Ashmead was the dog’s owner after inheriting it from a deceased relative. According to Martin, the dog, which is named Hatty, was not getting along with Ashmead’s other dog.

Ashmead allegedly called the humane society and found out she could get rid of Hatty quickly if she reported the dog as abandoned.

Hatty remains at the shelter and will be put up for adoption.

Ashmead will answer the charges in West Bloomfield Town Court.

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