WATERLOO — The Town Board has proposed a new zoning map for the town, including Burgess Road. It eliminates so-called “split zoning,” where a parcel or parcels have two different zoning designations, each of which allow different uses.

On Burgess Road, where Seneca Meadows hoped to use a 122-acre clay mine to serve the landfill, both sides of the road are zoned low-density residential, or R-1. Opponents of the clay mine successfully mounted a legal challenge, claiming the R-1 zone does not allow access roads to be built to and from the proposed mine area. The court agreed and the project was dropped.

However, the proposed changes put the south end of Burgess Road near North Road into an R2 — or medium-density — residential zone and the area further north into an agricultural/undeveloped zone. If adopted, the town would determine what uses would be allowed in those zones. The town could allow the access roads desired by the landfill.

The current zoning map was done in 2000. Patrick Nicoletta from the MRB Group, who worked on the map amendments, said the new map also corrects many of the problems with the 2000 code.

For example, many property owners along the south side of Routes 5&20 from the Waterloo village line west to the Border City area found themselves with lots zoned commercial for frontage on 5&20 and multiple use in the back of their parcels fronting the Cayuga-Seneca Canal. The new map would put all of those properties on both sides of 5&20 into a multiple-use zone.

The board scheduled the State Environmental Quality Review process for its Jan. 27 meeting. A public hearing on the proposed zoning changes is set for 7 p.m. Feb. 21.

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