We are descending into madness.

One political party has allowed its visceral hatred for a duly elected president to get the better of it. Its judgment has become so clouded by base emotion that molehills have morphed into mountains and routine conversations are redefined as attempts at shakedown by intimidation. The rational observer looks at what the Democrats are trying to do to Donald Trump and cannot help but ask, why?

By deciding to ignore a conversation’s context and instead using a few seconds from a 30-minute exchange between President Trump and his counterpart from Ukraine as the pretext for starting an impeachment inquiry in the House of Representatives, the Democratic leadership has made what many feel is a political blunder of historic proportions.

Here’s why:

Impeachment should be approached with extreme caution and with even more extreme reluctance. It’s the mechanism the Founding Fathers gave us to deal with slam-dunk dereliction of duty by a president. By its very nature, any situation in which it is considered for application should be one drawing bipartisan support from Congress. Such was the case with Bill Clinton, who had clearly committed perjury, among other offenses. But is that the case here? Based on what we know so far, with the conversation’s transcript released by Trump for all to see, and with the “whistleblower” complaint also public, and with everyone in Congress familiar with both, it appears any determination will fall along party lines; in other words, it’ll be a partisan one. As a result, the public will likely conclude what’s going on constitutes simple political gamesmanship. It’s also a head-scratcher when one considers indicting the president and sending the charges up to the Senate for trial amounts to a monumental waste of time, as that body will never vote to remove Trump from office given the available information.

The “whistleblower” complaint itself also bears closer scrutiny. The complainant is a CIA employee, perhaps someone assigned to the White House. He’s a known political partisan according to the Inspector General’s report. The law firm representing him offers monetary rewards to anyone in the administrative bureaucracy who leaks anti-Trump information.

He did not hear first-hand the conversation Trump had with the Ukrainian president. And the whistleblower requirement that any information be first-hand knowledge was quietly and mysteriously removed from the reporting form sometime in the past 12 months.

These are all facts that will do nothing to buttress the case the Democrats are trying to make, but rather will feed the suspicion the whole affair’s more likely a drive-by shooting with its origin in the Deep State.

The public is not in favor of impeachment proceedings, splitting about 60-35 against in most of the polls taken so far. While that may change, it appears people may be tiring of what has been a nonstop impeachment drive by House Democrats ever since Trump took office, with multiple committees investigating every aspect of the president’s past business dealings, associates, tax returns and on and on. When one adds in the failed attempt to take him out via the Russia hoax and the even more recent Kavanaugh smear, the perception of a party desperate to regain power by any means necessary is taking hold.

What should be even more concerning to the average American is the effect impeachment will have on the country. The wheels of government will grind to a halt as the spectacle plays out up until the 2020 election. Nothing of substance will get accomplished and the vitriol will only ratchet higher. Given the flimsy legal and constitutional underpinnings of the charges made against the president, it’s difficult to see the average voter putting up with it all, and here’s betting the Democrats as a result come out losers. Trump’s campaign raised close to $15 million within 72 hours of Pelosi’s announcement. His party instantly rallied around him; Republicans are hopping mad. Believe it or not, he’s also likely to garner sympathy from independents who think he’s being treated unfairly.

There’s already been one collateral casualty of the Democrats’ strategy. You can stick a fork in Joe Biden — his political career is likely over now that his family members’ blatant self-dealing in China and Ukraine during his tenure as vice-president has been exposed. And as his campaign sputters, it increasingly looks as though the Indian Imposter has the inside track for the nomination. If she gets the nod, then you heard it here first — Democrats are in for an historic rout in 2020, one that’ll make the party’s shellacking in 1972 look like the church picnic by comparison. Democrats on Wall Street (who hold the party’s purse strings) have privately said they’ll support Trump or sit out the election if Elizabeth Warren’s the nominee. It’s hard to win when all your platform promises to do is confiscate everyone’s incomes, savings and freedoms, even more so when the candidate herself reminds one of the scolding, screeching, third-grade teacher glaring down at some poor student, tapping a ruler in her palm.

The logical person always recognizes the illogical person by virtue of what he says or does, but the illogical person is incapable of recognizing logic. It appears Democrats, either because of all-consuming hatred or abject stupidity, don’t understand the consequence of what they’re about to undertake. It appears the folks in the straight jackets have wrested control of the party bus and are driving it — right over the cliff.

But then again, why are we not surprised?

Marc Thomas is a Geneva native and physician who currently resides in Las Vegas. A frequent visitor to the area, he owns property in the Town of Geneva. His first novel, “Holy Angels,” is available at both amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. You can contact him at brooktrail1933@gmail.com.

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