Scott Comegys (2020)


Listening to how representatives for the 130th Assembly District vote and their objections to work done in the state government gives the impression that the people of Cayuga, Oswego, and Wayne counties are absolutely opposed to making progress. Worse, it gives an impression that we are threatened by the ideas of social equality and equity, compassion, technological innovation, and environmental stewardship. As a result we are largely left out of the work advancing our state.

Yet throughout the history of this nation our area of New York state has consistently shown intent and action to promote justice, innovation, and stewardship to enable people to live freely, genuinely, with dignity, and successfully.

At a time when we are dealing with bitter political divisiveness, economic and social upheaval due to persistent inequalities, destructive effects of Climate Disruption, and a pandemic that has devastated thousands of lives in New York alone, we cannot afford to be left out of the work our state is doing and the state cannot afford to be without our compassion, innovation, and stewardship to ensure a true recovery and enable us all to thrive. For this to occur we need to change the impression we give by changing who represents us.

The voting record of our Assembly members over the past 10 years reveals that Wayne, Cayuga, and Oswego counties, through our representation, are apparently opposed to ensuring that all New Yorkers have healthcare coverage, social and justice reforms, addressing climate disruption and environmental protections, education funding, worker’s rights, and just about every other step forward that New York state can make to advance the goal of everyone being able to thrive. These are measures that people across the state and in our district care about and support.

There is no wonder that we are overlooked in our state government. When a group of people are finding solutions they tend not to listen to the person that tells them they can’t.

Yet it is embedded in the very land we live on to come together and make progress.

Before Europeans arrived the Haudenosaunee had developed farming techniques and united under a unique and democratic system of government to form a thriving civilization. Early in Cayuga County’s history we built the biggest bridge of the time to unite the Eastern and Western portions of the state. In Wayne County, where we helped Black lives escape slavery, we have groups of people dedicating themselves to uniting people through anti-racist policies. In the 130th District we have companies developing new technologies and products to address needs ranging from renewable energy to pharmaceuticals to agricultural sustainability.

That is the Finger Lakes spirit that inspires me in every aspect of my life. Whether creating my farm where there was none, working with teams to facilitate better patient care at URMC, or helping to organize community members to talk about race relations, I work actively for ways for us to succeed.

I ask for your vote to represent the 130th Assembly District so we can incorporate the Finger Lakes spirit into state government, focusing less on our differences and more on what unites us. Updating our infrastructure, particularly broadband communications, ensuring coverage and access for healthcare for all New Yorkers, and fully funding our public education system so that it can have greater success are all areas that will benefit everyone. As our Assembly member I will build on the relationships I’ve made with colleagues from across the state and insist that our Finger Lakes voice, values, and ingenuity are included to ensure our state’s recovery and that we all can thrive as a result.

Mike Cutillo is the Times executive editor. He can be reached at (315) 789-3333 Ext 264 or

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