Where were you the night the father overdosed in his kitchen, with his wife and child standing over him as officers and emergency personnel did all they could to try and save his life, only to have to console the woman and child when he did not make it?

Where were you the night that the boyfriend was physically abusing his girlfriend, threatening her life while her child was hiding under the table?

Where were you the day the newborn baby was delivered by police and emergency personnel in an apartment full of trash, animal feces and infestation?

Where were you the night rival gang members were out on the streets seeking vengeance against each other?

Where were you the night a teenager overdosed in his parents’ house as the parents were screaming in distress for officers to save his life?

Where were you at the motor-vehicle accident where the officer pulled the lifeless body of the little girl who was about the same age as the officer’s daughter?

Where were you at the house fire at 3 a.m., with reports of people trapped inside, when police officers rushed into the intense smoke and heat because they were first on scene and heard the screams for help?

Where were you the night the man hung himself, to be found by his child, and the police had to question the child while wiping tears from the child’s eyes?

Where were you the night the family was murdered because of a botched home invasion?

To Councilwoman Laura Salamendra, Geneva Believer’s Jim Meaney, William Smith Professor Jodi Dean — and the rest of your clique that infiltrate legitimate causes to promote your narratives and spew your hate for law enforcement and authority, and who truly believe the men and women of our city’s law enforcement are corrupt, ruthless murderers who hide behind a badge — WHERE WERE YOU when these men and women were answering these calls, sometimes just in one night’s shift?

They aren’t perfect. The current system isn’t perfect. Which of us is perfect?

I’ve witnessed these men and women, time and again, give the best they have when it’s all they have left, and where many of us would not have had the strength or willpower to give any more. They have — and I’ve seen it.


I believe in this city. I believe in the genuine good of the majority of people who live in this city. I believe in and support those who want their voices to be heard, but whose intentions are genuine. Most importantly, I believe in Chief Mike Passalacqua and the men and women of the Geneva Police Department!

People of Geneva, and especially our City Council, mayor and city manager, now is not the time to turn your backs on these men and women. We must support them personally and professionally and provide them with all the necessary resources (financial, staffing, training and otherwise) to better serve our city of Geneva.

Just remember, when they answer that next call, WHERE WERE YOU?

Bill Sweeney is a Geneva native and resident, a graduate of DeSales High School and Hobart College, and vice president and a member of the Nester Hose Fire Company’s Board of Directors. He works in technology sales, and is a published songwriter.

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