Hey gang, in this column I’m going to ask you what your thoughts are on the voting issues here in America. After all, we have a big election on the horizon, and I’m guessing there will be much discussion about who’s voting, whether they should be voting, and all that stuff.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Pete’s talking about voter fraud, right? (While both Republican and Democratic elections commissioners agree this is a non-issue, it somehow keeps making the circuit.) After all, it does get brought up now and then, and it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that it will be brought up more and more as we approach November.

But no, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about something that terrifies me way more than the idea that maybe someone who lives and works here in America may not be registered to vote but does anyway.

I’m talking about the most terrifying voter of all.

I’m talking about that voter.

“See Pete, see how the shadow doesn’t follow the same line? The moon landing never happened!”

“Sandy Hook was a giant hoax!”

“The Holocaust was overblown. It never happened!”

“I never heard Trump say he prefers soldiers that don’t get captured. I don’t believe he would say that!”

Think about this for a second; if someone can watch the news, see the videos, read the articles, and listen as the parents of Sandy Hook tell of their grief, and that person still decides that it all was a hoax because it just makes them feel better about themselves, how likely are they to come to an informed decision about the issues facing America?

I watched Trump tell an interviewer, when speaking of Sen. McCain being a P.O.W., that he “likes people that weren’t captured.”

I saw that, as did millions of Americans, and my jaw dropped. It can be googled on like, oh, a billion video sites, and yet yesterday I spoke with a woman who said it never happened.

And she’s going to vote.

If these kinds of voters don’t feel like believing that diseases such as COVID-19 are spread by having large numbers of people in close contact with each other because it upsets their view of the world, what else are they thinking isn’t real because they just don’t want it to be?

You’re worried that some immigrant who’s holding down three jobs sneaks by an election official?

Yeah, well I’m terrified that someone who doesn’t think coal pollutes because they like the guy that told them it doesn’t is going to cast their vote for a politician that wants to gut the Environmental Protection Agency.

You see where I’m going with this?

America needs voters to weigh issues with an open mind.

If a couple of folks that weren’t registered to vote make it by the election goalie, that’s a rarity, and is of no significance. If a few million voters think global warming is fake news because that makes them feel better about themselves, that’s a tragedy, and has an enormous significance on planet earth.

This is the real issue we face come November. Who is going to vote is a non-factor; why they’re going to vote is, and it’s a big one.

Pete Mitchell’s “In America” column appears every other Monday. He lives in Geneva and can be reached at peteinamerica@yahoo.com.

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