To the Editor:

To: Tom Reed, representative to Congress for the 23rd District of New York — The Republican administration’s budget blueprint sketches out an alarming vision for our country’s future. I write to ask your help in understanding some aspects of the “skinny budget.”

How is there more money to put in the pockets of defense contractors like TransDigm which has defrauded the U.S. people, as reported by The Capitol Forum, but not money for high-quality public education?

How is there $50 million to pay per year for the President’s spouse and child to live in New York City, as reported by the Washington Post, but not money to pay for programs that support the poorest and most vulnerable people in this country?

How is there $11 million to pay for the first month of the President’s and his family’s travels, as reported by The Independent, but not money for protecting the environment — which OMP director Mick Mulvaney referred to as “a waste of your money” during a televised news conference on March 16? By the way, I look forward to hearing you speak out against that position as a co-sponsor of the laudable Republican Climate Resolution (HR 195).

Why does the Republican Administration assume that “a coal miner in West Virginia or a single mother in Detroit” (Mulvaney, March 16) does not value the arts and the free press? And does the Republican administration plan to send every taxpayer a checklist of what we do and don’t want to pay for?

True prosperity and security lie in accessible, high-quality public education; in healthcare as a human right supported by a single-payer system; in the protection of the environment; and in the robust adherence to and defense of the rights and freedoms laid out in our Constitution.

The guiding principles of this budget blueprint seem to be fear, ignorance, and greed. Is that what you stand for, Tom Reed?



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