To the Editor:

I have officially declared myself a green geezer, one of many fellow geriatrics who are backing Howie Hawkins, the Green Party’s candidate for governor in the upcoming election.

Howie has his share of youthful supporters as well, as he refuses to accept financial aid from the moneyed interests who now control our legislative agenda.

Here we have a diehard model of integrity, dedicated to getting money out of politics, and creating a people-centered and environmentally sustainable society.

Sound familiar? You and I have heard this from politicians before, but believe me, this guy is for real, and the Green Party platform on which he stands offers the only hope for the reforms we need to restore some measure of sanity and democracy to the operations of government.

Our household here near Wolcott hosted a gathering of Green Party supporters, and Howie himself was on hand to discuss the problems the party would address should he gain the governor’s seat.

He displayed an amazing knowledge of the issues, from electoral reform and fiscal policies, to healthcare, energy, public funding — even agriculture, although he confessed he had much to learn about the problems confronting the farmers who attended our get-together. And he’s about as close to the grassroots and our problems as a candidate can get, as he presently makes his living as a hands-on member of the Teamsters Union, who spends his working hours unloading trucks for UPS.

Howie and the Greens have been gaining momentum over the past few election cycles and have already surpassed the 50,000 votes needed to gain ballot status. To level the playing field at the ballot box, the party has long advocated limits on campaign spending, instant run-offs that require the winning candidate to receive a majority of all votes cast, and proportional representation in state and federal legislatures. Google “Green Party Platform” for details.



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