To the Editor:

Town of Geneva residents are fortunate to have Bob McCarthy seek a second term on the Town Council this November.

Bob’s engagement as a member of the Town’s Agricultural Enhancement Committee reflects his commitment to thoughtful and thorough service to his constituents. He was instrumental in linking Ontario County Soil and Water’s administration of New York State’s Agricultural Environmental Management Program to the Town’s Lake Friendly Farm initiative, an effort to acknowledge farmers and landowners who implement practices to mitigate agricultural impacts on Seneca Lake.

Bob has led the Committee’s exploration of conservation easements as a policy tool for preserving farmland and facilitated constituent participation in New York’s Dairy Transitions Farmland Protection Initiative. He is currently assisting in a local study of the agricultural contribution to environmental carbon management. Bob has been involved in the Geneva City School District’s recent introduction of an agricultural education program at the middle and high schools.

Bob’s intensive work on farming and open space issues is representative of his approach across all the areas that come before the Town Board. The seriousness with which he listens, prepares, and participates on Council and in the community is beneficial beyond the Town’s boundaries. His reelection on Nov. 5 will lead to additional positive outcomes for Geneva.



Chairman, Town of Geneva Agricultural Enhancement Committee

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