To the Editor:

Think back to a time when phones used to be black with a rotary dial, connected with wires that disappeared into walls; movies could only be seen on giant screens in air conditioned theaters; cars only ran on gasoline; and news could only be delivered in black newsprint on white paper.

In the Seneca County race for district attorney the focus seems to be on years of experience as the reason to vote for the opponents. One candidate has spent a career defending criminals and putting them back on the streets of Seneca County, while returning to his residence in Syracuse (until the Primary of course, when that candidate decided to rent an apartment in Romulus), and the other candidate who failed to push for stiff sentencing for a child-murderer and offered a generous plea deal.

The qualifications for DA go far beyond prosecutions and amount of experience. A DA must have great personal strength of character and unquestionable ethics, strong communication skills, enthusiasm for public service, organization/management skills, a desire to seek justice, and the ability to handle high pressure situations.

Christopher Folk is a lifelong Republican who is involved in the Seneca County Suicide Prevention Coalition; traveled to Albany to testify at Senate hearings on the need for mobile crisis units; a member of Waterloo Rotary, the American Legion and Marine Corps League. He has 20-years experience in the high-tech sector leading and managing teams; two terms as judge; has handled thousands of cases; jury trials; bench trials. Currently he is a court attorney serving for Judge Porsch (former DA). He is a veteran of the legal system and a Marine Corps Veteran — he will fight for all of us, for what is right, what is just.

Don’t be misled by defining the qualifications in terms of merely existing in a courtroom. Look at what Christopher brings to the position. A man with a proven record of putting others above himself for the greater good of Seneca County. Think outside the box and cast your vote for the best all-around qualified candidate on Nov. 5.



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