To the Editor:

As a 30-plus-year resident of the Town of Canandaigua and a Democrat, I was excited that Jared Simpson decided to run for supervisor.

This past summer, he was very supportive in the efforts of a local group of citizens to get the Town to explore the option to purchase a 143-acre parcel on Middle Cheshire Road for open space or a passive recreational park. Jared shared our vision to preserve the rural character that is left in the Southern Corridor, protect open space, and protect the lake from runoff that would drain directly off the parcel and into our drinking water supply. The harmful algal blooms this fall have shown how vulnerable our lake is to runoff. Unfortunately, the rest of the Town Board did not support our goals and would not agree to explore this purchase. The property sold and chance was lost.

Throughout this process, Jared listened to our concerns and showed how committed he is to retaining meaningful open space as well as water quality protection, which in the watershed may mean limiting high density development in vulnerable areas. He was always available and responsive by telephone or email to listen to our concerns and answer questions. His energy and enthusiasm for environmental issues and responsible growth in the Town would make him a great supervisor.

A vote for Jared is a vote to protect everything that makes Canandaigua a wonderful place to live and recreate.



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