To the Editor:

I read David D'Amico's "Voice of D'Amocracy" on Oct. 26 with great disgust. He started it with mistruths about the Democrat running for President. Joe Biden and the party are not for open borders. They do want to help with education for low-income people but nowhere have they said free medical coverage for all including illegal aliens, government handouts and defunding the police.

He then goes on to say our forefathers founded our country on Judeo-Christian values. That is flat out insulting. If he attends church he should be listening to the priest/preacher more carefully. If he doesn't attend, maybe he should start. Everywhere in the Bible it tells us to love and help thy neighbor.

He then states that everyone who doesn't believe as he does wants to tear at the very fabric of this great country and turn it into an unrecognizable society. Wow. Does he not recognize we are a country that helps our neighbors, our poor, our tired?

People need a hand up not a foot holding them down. As he said, men and women fought and died for us. They did it so we all can live freely.

We need a country that is the United States of America not the Divided States of Democrats and Republicans like our current President has been promoting.



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