To the Editor:

Trump and the Republicans have given us more than 80 days of denial, delay, dissembling and deception. First there was not a problem. Then it was not a big problem. Then it was going to go away by itself. Then it was a Democratic conspiracy. Now he recommends the “silver bullet” of unproven drugs as he tries to change the subject and re-write the history.

The Republicans have shown that they are unable or unwilling to lead. Although holding the offices, they are unable to grasp the problem, thus are not relevant to the task at hand. It’s time for us to take action. I call upon all Democrats to step up and assume responsibility for the vulnerable people whom the Republicans have abandoned and kicked to the curb.

I ask all Democrats to take it upon ourselves to help the most vulnerable in your community — open your hearts and your wallets. Help the workers whose families are already struggling and are now without jobs; the elderly without help; farm workers with no safety net at all. Assure them the needed food and household supplies to get through this pandemic catastrophe. It is time to be merciful.

Take action; I am donating directly to the two local food pantries in my community. I urge you to donate to the food pantry in yours. Help your neighbor. We’ll get through this Trial of Job.

Thanks and best wishes,


North Rose

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