A return to common sense over laws would be useful

To the Editor:

The article in your Dec. 6 edition stating that “Rochester police will not enforce an anti-harassment law making it illegal to harass police and emergency responders” was very disturbing.

Why wouldn’t it already be illegal to harass police and first responders?

Why would the police themselves not be in favor of such a law?

If the law has flaws, why did the Monroe County legislature write it and pass it without due diligence?

How can police ignore enforcing a law?

Why would the Finger Lakes Times print the article knowing full well that it will probably invite troublemakers to harass police and/or first responders without the threat of arrest?

I think this is a prime example of a cancer which is eating away at our culture and our country. We don’t know who or what to respect anymore. Our legislators, both local and federal, are doing a terrible job. We have too many laws and many of them are contradictory, vague and useless. Laws are made to satisfy a particular interest group instead of the public at large. No wonder litigation is rampant. Lawyers seem to be able to twist laws any way they want if they are clever enough! And the judicial system is just as confused.

Maybe the country is split right now because we’ve lost our way and ignored the basic values this country was founded on. Maybe just some common sense would be useful.



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