Clearing misconceptions about request for referendum

To the Editor:

There seems to be some confusion regarding the recently submitted petition for Referendum for Local Law 1-2021.

This petition was presented to interested residents in a way that was as transparent as possible. Residents were not hand-picked as some council members and oped pieces may have implied. Due to the importance of reaching out to as many residents in all the wards as time permitted, efforts were made to canvas the entire city. The deadline that dictated when this petition had to be submitted to the City of Geneva was immediate, or there would have been at least twice as many signatures. Some signatures were obtained by visiting residents’ homes, but the majority of the signers came to open public locations to sign this petition. The petition included what ward the resident lived in, and it turned out all wards were represented.

The petition was not about whether you were in favor of police accountability or not, but rather whether this matter should have been put to a vote by the residents of Geneva, as it was in Rochester.

It was publicly suggested by some that we should trust the judgment of our elected officials — as our representatives — regarding these important issues. Unfortunately, this Council has not demonstrated behavior or actions that support their claims that they represent the majority of residents in their wards. If you watch any Council meetings, the majority of members continue to insinuate that they know what’s best for all of Geneva. In the open public forums the Council majority only seemed to be interested in public statements that supported their position with this Local Law.

It was suggested that if residents are not satisfied with this Council’s representation they should be impeached, but NYS does not recognize “Recall” of elected officials. The next election is more than two years from now, and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of lasting work getting done by this Council.


Geneva, Ward 4

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