To the Editor:

Every issue I search for the occasional article written by Edith Mann. On Sunday, Dec. 8, there it was ("Adverse childhood experiences — Kids can be affected for a lifetime"). I sincerely hope readers read it through the end.

The pictures drawn in my mind by Edie's words are vivid. Every time I use aluminum foil or watch a Buffalo Bills game, I will think about the detention centers. I cannot imagine my entire space in life being filled with other people 24/7 (as they say). No personal space!

It is difficult for me to be able to understand just how bad life south of our border can be that the treatment they receive from us is an offer of a better life. They are not treated as well as criminals here. What will these children take from this experience? How caring will they grow up to be? Just how much can they take before they break? What is their way out? What is our country doing to these children?

Thank you for writing about this topic, Edie. Thank you for printing it for your readers, Finger Lakes Times. I am just sorry it exists to write about.


Penn Yan

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