Columnist’s takes on free speech were disingenuous

To the Editor:

I think the time has come for Michael Fitzgerald to cease his “Write On” columns to the Finger Lake Times.

He recently wrote free speech is held and voiced by only those who own, control and manipulate all forms of the media (Write On, Jan. 29, “Free speech and social media”). He is old enough to have lived through the free speech movement of the 1960s but maybe he has forgotten. He has made it crystal clear that free speech and expression is fine if you agree with him and his comrades.

It is great that he now has a love and concern for our politicians after Jan. 6. Where was he when a Bernie Sanders supporter shot several congressmen and at police on a baseball field? What did he write then? Perhaps he did not agree with the congressman’s views, so it was OK. If he and his comrades told the truth, he might cheer for the assassin. He would get a two-for-one — fewer voices on the other side and another reason to cry for gun control.

In December, he wrote a love poem about Gov. Cuomo. He had a one word paragraph for Cuomo, “Leadership.” Perhaps he meant “Dictatorship.” Micheal has been living 2,737 miles from Valois, NY, and may be unaware that our state Senate and Assembly gave Cuomo all the power in the middle of the night in March 2020. There was much talk in NYS about Cuomo’s cronies’ inability to count dead people. You were a right-wing, conservative, nut job if you stated more than 13,000 people had died in nursing homes. That is until Jan. 28 when a Democratic Attorney General revealed the lies. Remember, Micheal wrote “no lies, no rants, no boasts” from Killer Cuomo.

The classic Watergate misstep, lie, lie, lie and the cover-up. No rants? Remember when Cuomo squealed about the lack of ventilators? He never lacked one. He also refused to use millions of dollars of medical assets downstate because he hated the president.

Michael, your 9 1/2 minutes of fame have expired. Time to give the keyboard a rest.



(Editor’s Note: Michael Fitzgerald and his weekly “Write On” columns are not going anywhere.)

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