Community doesn’t want Greenidge employees to lose jobs

To the Editor:

Mr. Fultz’s response to Committee to Preserve the Finger Lakes President, Ms. Kowalski, was distressing (Letter to the Editor, March 5, “ Greenidge employees speaking up to protect jobs”). His misguided impression that opponents concerned about the environmental and economic impacts of the proposed Bitcoin mining expansion on Seneca’s shores are out for their jobs. This is untrue — the last thing anyone wants is for people to lose their jobs.

I’m reminded of when opponents of gas storage heard claims that if permits weren’t issued, 135 salt factory employees would lose jobs. None of this was true, but it was effective in keeping employees quiet about their own concerns. It served the corporation by intimidating local decision-makers and creating conflict between well-intentioned members of the community and its employees. Fears of job loss were made palpable by the CEOs of the corporation, not by the community, and employees responded by attacking those of us who had legitimate concerns. This is déjà vu all over again.

We empathize with Mr. Fultz. But let us be clear: Volunteers, business owners, or residents opposed to Bitcoin expansion have never called for your jobs.

We call for responsible management, from a company making millions, to act as good neighbors by putting in adequate systems to protect our lake and agriculturally based economy. This is to preserve the 58,000 jobs and $3 billion economy supported by the agri-tourism industry, because we must think about those jobs, too.

To date, we have less than optimal cooling and aquatic life-protecting systems, along with inefficient burning of fossil fuels for power. We have incomplete thermal, noise, and water pollution studies, and a proposal to increase private Bitcoin mining operations, with increased greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenidge could support even more local jobs by putting the most technologically advanced, environmentally friendly systems in place, and with the amount of money Greenidge is making on its private Bitcoin operations, they could afford to do so without creating conflict within the region and leaving us with the damage.

It is unfortunate Mr. Fultz works for a corporation that would threaten jobs if they don’t get their way. This seems to be a common strategy for bully corporations and we hope employees can see this truth.

We hope that Greenidge offers job security and acts responsibly by listening to those of us who simply wish to have industry that is sustainable and compatible with the rest of the Finger Lakes region.


Co-Founder and Vice President,

Gas Free Seneca,

Seneca Lake Guardian, A

Waterkeeper Affiliate

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