To the Editor:

My wife and I read with interest the letter to the editor by Rita Cook regarding the solar energy farm that will be constructed by Trelina along Serven and Packwood roads in Waterloo because we share her concerns. Neighbors I have spoken with are also concerned with the possible impact this may have on our property values as well as other negative impacts it may have.

This is a rural area that is home to numerous wildlife species including birds of prey, deer and other animals. We enjoy watching them as they freely roam about. Some of us bought or built our homes here because of the relatively unspoiled rural atmosphere we wanted.

The view of corn, soybeans, hay, etc. is much more pleasing than the view of solar arrays and we fear efforts to block the view of those panels with fencing, berms or vegetation will fall short and will destroy the pleasant views we now enjoy.

We do not oppose having a solar farm in the town of Waterloo. In fact, we appreciate the many benefits this project will bring. What we oppose is the use of lands along our roads. It is our understanding that Trelina has leased about 1,000 acres but that only about 400-450 acres will be needed for this project.

We are hopeful that our voices will be heard, and our concerns will be taken seriously and we hope other locations can and will be used.



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